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Welcome To Re:boot Fitness Nelspruit

RE:BOOT Health and Fitness is a boutique fitness studio where we welcome everyone as a part of our fitness family. From young, to young at heart we will accommodate you to reach your personal best in your fitness journey.

We are a home based studio that wants to give our clients the best possible service at the best price. Come feel at home in a class or a private session with us.

Here at RE:BOOT Health and Fitness we focus on exactly what our name suggests: Live Healthy and let’s get Fit together.

Choose your Options:

Between Classes and Personal Training, we have got you covered.


This is one of the most enjoyable forms of exercise that can be adapted to all levels of fitness. Our mats absorb up to 80% of the impact on your body while exercising on them.

Why this would work for you:

Research and studies have found that this form of exercise can offer multiple health and fitness benefits. It is the most efficient method to boost lymphatic function. Bouncing also burns more fat and improves cardio better than running. It’s a low impact workout, it improves your balance and flexibility, coordination, muscular development, physical strength and sooo much more.

Personal Training:

Personal Training is the best way to get that one on one interaction and assistance to have the perfect form when doing a workout and continued motivation to get you where you would really like to be. 

Why this would work for you:

Doing a simple exercise incorrectly, won’t give you the results as quickly as when you do it with proper technique. Your workout is customized to your goals. Guidance and support with meals and how to live healthier every step of the way. No way of slacking in a session when someone is watching your every move. In that way you get a proper workout every single time.

Meal Plans:

Firstly, this is not a diet.. This plan is designed for you with all your specific needs. This will also be maintainable to follow for the rest of your life. 

Why this plan::

Wine… Yes, you can even have a glass of wine with this plan. I know how hard it is to prep meals for your whole family. The idea of this plan is to make your life easier and show you which of your favorite foods can be adjusted in a way so you can still enjoy them but in a healthier way. Depending on your goal we can start on an aggressive plan and then move to a more enjoyable lifestyle plan if that is what you prefer. I add all the super foods and nutrients that you need into your meals to maintain a healthy happy life.


It is recommended that children between the age of 5 and 18 years should do a physical activity daily for at least 60min daily.

Why this is a good idea: 

There are so many reasons for kids to exercise, but for us the most important is to make them self confident, it also strengthens their bones and muscles, helps keep their minds healthy and happy and also the extra benefit is that they will make new friends

What we do

At RE:BOOT we have a variety of classes available, as well as Personal Training sessions. We cater for all fitness levels and ages from 6-60. To name a few we have Bounce, Bums and Tums and Kids classes. Classes range from 30min to 50min.

The Re:boot Fitness Mission Statement:

Our mission is to maintain quality of instruction and offer professional workouts to improve strength and conditioning as well as improving your cardiovascular health.  

We teach with intention, integrity and care to the individual to deliver the best quality training you can expect from Internationally qualified instructors/trainers. Our Instructors are Professional Teachers with years of experience.

Through our own teachings we hope to inspire, train and educate others to live a healthy happy life with a few small adjustments that will change your entire life.

Come and feel the difference. 

What we offer

  • Bounce
  • Personal Training
  • Bums and Tums
  • Meal Plans
  • Kids Classes
  • Service Technician (new and used equipment)
  • Installations (new and used)

Extra services we have planned:

We at RE:Boot Fitness believe in a complete Lifestyle transformation for the whole family.  That is why we are also looking at the following services to ensure you achieve a complete fitness experience:

  • HIIT Blast
  • Barre
  • Fit
  • Detox Packs
  • Ingredients Starter Pack
  • Branded Fitness Apparel

Happy customers