Owner of RE:BOOT Bianca

Bianca Ferreira


I am just a normal everyday mother with a passion to help clients live their healthiest, happiest life! I want to inspire YOU to be the best version of YOURSELF. 

Motto: Try until you think you can’t anymore and then try just a little bit harder until it’s done.

  • Professional Personal Trainer in training
  • Advanced Fitness Instructor
  • Nutrition Advisor
  • Weight Loss Consultant
  • Diet Planning Expert

James Ferreira

I have been a Personal Trainer for more than 18 years. I have helped young and old achieve their fitness goals over the years. Gaining experience in numerous fields in the fitness industry.


Motto: Let me help you achieve yours!

  • Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma
  • Pre and Post Natal Trainer
  • Sport specific Training
  • Exercise equipment technician
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Karen Renaud

Karen has been a GEI (Group Exercise Instructor) for the last 12 years. Fitness for her does not mean skinny, skinny is the new Strong! You must have BALANCE… Mentally and Physically. Life gets busy, but making time for yourself and taking care of yourself is just as important as a meeting with a client. Now say these words.. I can do ANYTHING through HIM that gives me strength – Phillippians 4:13

Motto: Look after your Health, and if you have it.. Praise God for it, as nothing has more worth!

  • Certified Rebound Instructor
  • Kettlebels
  • Step
  • Shape
  • HIIT
  • Monitoring and Measuring
  • Fundamentals of kick, splash, ride, yoga
  • Barre 180
  • v-Box
  • Bosu
  • Bootcamp